37.3 Scheduling a Custom Report

You can schedule a report to run automatically and send out notifications to individuals when it is ready.

You must have already defined an SMTP e-mail server if you want to send e-mail notifications. This is done through the SMTP Settings option (Configuration tab > Management Zone Settings panel > Event and Messaging > SMTP Settings).

  1. In ZENworks Control Center, click the Asset Management tab.

  2. For license compliance and license allocation reports, click the License Management tab, then click License Management Reports.


    For software usage reports, click the Software Usage tab.


    For contract management reports, click the Contract Management tab, then click Contract Management Reports.

  3. In the Custom Reports panel, open the folder containing the report you want to run.

  4. Click the report you want to schedule.

  5. Click Schedule/Notification.

  6. Fill in the following fields:

    Start Date: Click to specify the first day that you want the report generated.

    Frequency: Select how often you want to generate the report: yearly, monthly, weekly, daily, once, or never.

    Output: Select what you want to happen when the report is generated. You can simply store the report, send an e-mail notification that the report is ready, or both. You can also choose to store the results or send a notification only when the report includes data.

    If you select Send a Notification (E-mail) or Both, you must configure the e-mail notification:

    • Delivery Format: Send the report as an Microsoft Excel file or PDF file attached to the e-mail, or include a link to the report stored on your ZENworks server.

    • Sender: Specify the name to be included in the From field of the e-mail.

    • Recipients: The Contacts list includes the individuals whose e-mail addresses are listed in the Inventory database. If the list does not include the e-mail addresses you need, you can import the addresses or use the Additional Recipients field. For information about importing e-mail addresses, see Configuring E-mail Addresses in the ZENworks Asset Inventory Reference.

      To add a recipient from the Contacts list, select the recipient, then click to add the recipient to the To list.

    • Additional Recipients: You must add at least one default recipient. To do so, you can use this field or the Recipients field. To use this field, specify at least one address (for example, pjones@novell.com). Separate addresses with commas.

    Maximum Records: Specify the maximum number of records to include in the report.

  7. Click Submit.

    The report runs at the scheduled times.