10.5 Creating Catalog Products Manually

You can manually create catalog products. The catalog product defines the software product but does not include any licenses. To include the software product’s licenses in the catalog product, you must associate the catalog product with the purchase records that contain the license purchases.

  1. In ZENworks Control Center, click the Asset Management tab.

  2. In the License Management page, click Catalog Products.

  3. Click New > Catalog Product to launch the Create New Catalog Product Wizard. Complete the wizard by using information from the following table to fill in the fields.:

    Wizard Page


    General Information

    Fill in the following fields:

    Manufacturer: Specify the manufacturer of the product.

    Product: Specify the name of the product as indicated in your purchase record. This should be as specific as possible. For example, if the product is Product B (10-License Pack), enter that name rather than Product B.

    Product Type: Select a product type.

    Version: Specify the product version.

    Manufacturer Part Number: Specify the part number assigned to the product package.

    Reseller SKU: Specify the reseller’s SKU.

    Licenses Per Package: Specify the number of licenses that come in the package.

    Notes: Add notes, if any.

    Excluded: Select Excluded to remove the product from compliance calculations. Excluded products cannot be associated with licensed products.

    New Catalog Product Summary

    Review the data.

  4. If you have not already done so, click Finish to create the catalog product.

  5. To add licenses to the catalog product, see Adding Purchased Licenses to a Catalog Product.