8.9 Assigning a Standards Category

If your organization has policies and standards to which installed software products must conform, or if you simply want another categorization to help you organize your discovered products, you can assign standards categories to your discovered products.

For example, you might create Standard, Non-Standard, and Standard Violation categories to track standards compliance across all discovered products. Or, you might make the categories more specific, such as Standard Desktop, Non-Standard Desktop, Standard Desktop Violation, Standard Server, Non-Standard Server, and Standard Server Violation.

The Discovered Products list includes a column to show each discovered product’s standards category. In addition, you can generate a Software Standards report that includes the standards category for every product (see Section 36.0, Working with Standard Reports).

  1. In ZENworks Control Center, click the Asset Management tab.

  2. In the License Management page, click Discovered Products.

  3. Click the discovered product to which you want to assign a standards category.

  4. In the Standards Category field, select an existing category or type in a new one.

    You can select an existing standards category only if you’ve already created one for another discovered product. Otherwise, no list is available and you must define the standards category by typing it in the field.

  5. Click Apply.