8.2 Viewing the Discovered Products List

You can view a list of all of your discovered products. The list provides general information about each discovered product, such as its number of installations and the licensed product with which it is associated

  1. In ZENworks Control Center, click the Asset Management tab.

  2. In the License Management page, click Discovered Products.

    The list provides the following information for each discovered product:

    Name: The name of the discovered product. The name consists of four parts: Manufacturer Product Version (Platform). For example, with Acme Product A 8.5 (Windows), Acme is the manufacturer, Product A is the product, 8.5 is the version, and Windows is the platform. Click the name to display the discovered product’s details.

    Excluded: Indicates if the discovered product is excluded from compliance calculations. Excluded products cannot be added to a licensed product.

    Licensed Product: The licensed product with which the discovered product is associated. Click the licensed product to display its entitlements. The discovered product is included in one of the listed entitlements.

    Installed Quantity: The number of installations of the product in the Management Zone. Click the quantity number to display the list of devices that have the product installed.

    Active Usage Quantity: The number of installed products that are actively being used. Active Usage Quantity is not displayed when the Do not show usage on License Management pages option is selected (Configuration > Management Zone Settings > Asset Management > Usage Display).

    Standards Category: The category for the product.