7.0 Working with Entitlements

A license entitlement typically represents a license agreement for a licensed product. It includes such agreement details as the license type (full, upgrade, maintenance, and so forth) and the license model (Per-User, Per-Installation, OEM, Machine, and so forth). Based on the license model, it also specifies which users or machines are covered by the entitlement.

Some licensed products might only have one entitlement. For example, you might have a product whose installations all fall under a full license, Per-Installation agreement.

Other products, however, might have multiple entitlements. For example, you might have a product for which you have OEM-licensed installations and Per-User licensed installations. To correctly cover both license agreements, you would need two entitlements with different license models and user/machine coverage. A second example might be a product that includes a full license agreement and a version upgrade agreement.

The following sections explain the tasks associated with managing entitlements: