3.0 Configuring Compliance Settings

There are two ZENworks Management Zone settings related to license compliance. One setting determines when the compliance engine runs each day and the other setting determines the user source (authoritative user source or Inventory user data) for user-based license models.

To configure the settings:

  1. In ZENworks Control Center, click the Configuration tab.

  2. In the Management Zone Settings panel, click Asset Management to display the settings.

  3. Configure the Compliance setting:

    1. Click Compliance.

    2. Select the time you want the compliance engine to run each day.

      The compliance engine refreshes the compliance data and status for each licensed product. The default run time is 11:00 pm each day.

    3. Click OK.

  4. Configure the User Source setting:

    To support user-based license models (Per-User and Per-Named User), Asset Management requires an installation-to-device-to-user association so that any product installations on a device can be assigned to the device’s user. The installation-to-device association is created through Inventory scans. There are two different user sources that can be used to provide the device-to-user association.

    1. Click User Source, then select one of the following user sources:

      • Inventory user data: Each device’s Inventory data includes an Entered User field that associates a user to the device (Device tab > device > Inventory page > Detailed Hardware/Software Inventory link > Entered User field).

        Asset Inventory does not automatically populate the Entered User field. If you use this source, make sure that each device has an Entered User. There are three ways that you can populate the user information: 1) collect the information from users through an automated Inventory Collection Data form, 2) manually enter the user information by editing a device’s Inventory data in ZENworks Control Center, or 3) migrate Inventory data from ZENworks 7.5 Asset Management.

      • Authoritative user source: This is the LDAP directory (or directories) your ZENworks Management Zone connects to for user information. By default, the ZENworks system is configured to automatically assign users from this source as primary users on devices. If a device has multiple users, the primary user is determined by a calculation method that you can select (usage based, login based, or direct assignment).

      You can use only one source at a time. If you change the source, all existing assignments of licenses to users are removed.

      IMPORTANT:If you are using ZENworks 7 Desktop Management with ZENworks Asset Management on the same devices, use the Inventory user data option instead of the Authoritative user source option. The Authoritative user source option requires the ZENworks Agent User Management feature to be installed. However, the User Management feature cannot coexist with the ZENworks 7 Desktop Management Agent, which results in the ZENworks 7 Desktop Management Agent being uninstalled.

    2. Click OK.