8.1 How Installed Software Products Become Discovered Products

Asset Management includes a product Knowledgebase that includes over 76,000 predefined discovered products. The following process is used to map installed software products to the Knowledgebase discovered products:

  1. Asset Inventory scans devices to collect information about installed software products. These installed software products are referred to as Inventory products.

  2. Asset Management filters the Inventory products through the Knowledgebase to map the Inventory products to discovered products. During this process, the following occurs:

    • All related versions, service releases, and language versions are mapped to the same minor-version discovered product. For example, Product A 5.5, Product A 5.5 (JP) and Product A 5.5.1 are consolidated under one Product A 5.5 discovered product.

    • Products that do not require licensing, such as browsers and viewers, are excluded.

    • Software suites and their member products are identified.

  3. Asset Management sets the discovered products’ installation quantity equal to the total installations for its mapped Inventory products.

As you work with discovered products, you’ll see the term installed discovered products. Discovered products are all 76,000+ products included in the Knowledgebase. Installed discovered products are only those discovered products that are actually installed in your organization (as discovered through Inventory scans). By default, the Discovered Products list in the ZENworks Control Center is filtered to show installed discovered products.