31.0 Uploading Documents

Before you can add a document to a licensed product, contract, or purchase summary record, you must upload it to the Asset Management system. Uploaded documents are stored in the ZENworks database.

  1. In ZENworks Control Center, click Asset Management > Documents.

  2. In the Documents panel, click New > Upload Document to launch the Upload New Document Wizard. Complete the wizard by using information from the following table to fill in the fields:

    Wizard Page


    Specify Document File to Add

    Specify the file in the File Name field or click Browse to search.

    Document File Information

    Fill in the following fields:

    Document ID: Specify a file ID.

    Local Path: Displays the path of the file.

    Source Location: Specify the location of the source file.

    As-Of Date: Click the calendar icon to select a date.

    Description: Add a description, if needed.

    New Document Summary

    Review the data entered. Use the Back button to make corrections.

  3. Click Finish to upload the document.