15.4 Making Demographic Data Consistent Between Devices and Purchase Records

As demographic data is added to devices and purchase records, different values might be used to represent the same site, department, or cost center. For example, the same site might be represented by Site1 in the Inventory device data and SiteOne in purchase record data.

Inconsistent data can cause problems when Asset Management tries to match product installations to demographic allocations. For example, if you create a SiteOne allocation from the purchase record demographic data, any product installations on a device assigned to Site1 are not matched to the SiteOne allocation.

In order to synchronize your demographic data, you can replace your purchase records demographic values with values from your Inventory device data. For example, you could replace all occurrences of SiteOne in purchase records with Site1.

  1. In ZENworks Control Center, click the Asset Management tab.

  2. In the License Management page, click Purchase Records.

  3. In the Purchase Records list, click Action, then click Replace Site Demographic, Replace Department Demographic, or Replace Cost Center Demographic.

  4. In the Demographic Value dialog box, fill in the following fields:

    Demographic value from Purchase Records: Select the value you want to replace in your purchase records. The list includes an empty value; if you select the empty value, all empty fields for the demographic (Site, Department, or Cost Center) are replaced.

    Demographic value from Inventory: Select the replacement value.

  5. Click OK.