28.3 Adding Date Notifications to a Contract

A contract includes the following date fields for which you can configure notifications:

  • General page: Original Start Date, Current End Date, Notice Date

  • SLA page: Start Date, End Date

  • Lease page: Order Date, Ship Date, Delivery Date, Signature Date, Inspection Date, Acceptance Date

To add a date notification to a date field:

  1. Locate the date field for which you want to add a notification.

  2. Click the check box next to Date Notification to display the New Date Notification dialog box.

  3. Modify any of the default settings:

    Notification Name: Date notifications are added to the Date Notification list. This is the name that identifies the notification in that list. By default, the name includes the contract ID and date fields. If desired, specify a different name.

    Source Contract: The contract ID of the source contract.

    Date Field: The date field to which the notification applies.

    Number of days before date to send notification: Specify the lead time for the notification.

    Repeat Notification: Select this option to repeat the notification, then select the frequency (Monthly, Weekly, or Daily) and the number of times. For example, if you specify a lead time of 90 days, you could repeat the notification monthly by setting the Repeat Notification field to Monthly and the Number of times to repeat field to 3.

    Delete date notification record when complete: Select this option to delete the notification after all instances of the notification have been sent.

    Message Subject: The default message subject includes the source contract and date field. If desired, specify a different subject.

    Message Content: The default message content identifies the contract and the event. You can modify the message content as necessary.

    From: Specify the e-mail address you want to appear in the From field of the e-mail notification.

    Recipients: You must add at least one default recipient. To do so, you can use this field or the Additional Recipients field.

    If the Contacts list contains addresses, select an address and move it to the To list. The Contacts list contains e-mail addresses only if they have been imported from the Inventory data (see Configuring E-mail Addresses in the ZENworks Asset Inventory Reference).

    Additional Recipients: You must add at least one default recipient. To do so, you can use this field or the Recipients field. To use this field, specify at least one address (for example, pjones@novell.com). Separate addresses with commas.

  4. Click OK to create the date notification.

    The Date Notification check box is enabled. In addition, a date notification record is added to the Date Notifications list (Configuration > Contract Management > Date Notifications). For information about the list, see Viewing the Date Notifications List.

  5. Click Apply to save the changes to the contract.