28.5 Filtering the Date Notifications List

You can filter the Date Notifications list to display only the notifications that meet certain criteria.

  1. In ZENworks Control Center, click the Asset Management > Contract Management > Date Notifications.

  2. In the Search panel (located next to the Date Notifications panel), enter the criteria to use for the filter. A notification must match all criteria to be displayed.

    Name: Specify the text that the notification name (or folder name) must include. This is a partial match field that is case-insensitive. If the text you enter is included in any part of a name, the notification matches the criteria.

    Type: Select whether you want to match folders, date notifications, or both.

    Status: Select a status to match, or select Any to match any status.

    Include Subfolders: Select this option to search the current folder and its subfolders.

  3. Click Search to apply the search criteria and filter the list.