13.2 Licensed Products

The License Products tab lists the licensed products along with its compliance status and license quantity. Click any of the licensed products to view additional license-related information.

13.2.1 Creating a Licensed Product from the Dashboard

To create a license product:

  1. In the Asset Management Dashboard, click Licensed Products.

  2. Click New.

  3. In the Select the Discovered Product, Click , browse and select the required discovered product.

  4. Click Next.

  5. In the Select Entitlement page, perform the following and click Next:

    • Enter the description on licensed product.

    • Select the required license model. For more information on license models, see License Models.

    • You can either create a new or select an existing catalog product.

      • To create a new catalog product:

        1. Select Create New Catalog Product.

        2. Specify License per package, Purchase Quantity and Reseller SKU.

        3. Click Next.

      • To select an existing catalog product

        1. Select Browse Catalog Product.

        2. Click , Select Product for License Entitlement page is displayed.

        3. Browse and select the required product, and click OK.

  6. In the New Licensed Product Summary page review the displayed information and click Finish.