5.18 Publish a Policy

The Publish Policy(s) option allows you to publish the sandbox as a new version of the policy or as a different policy.

5.18.1 Publish as New Version

Lets you create a new version of the policy that has the version number incremented by one from the latest available version of the policy.

Select the Include policies from subfolders option to enable all the policies that are within the subfolders of the selected folders to be published.

  1. In ZENworks Control Center, click the Policies tab.

  2. Select the check box next to the policy (or policies) that has a sandbox.

  3. Click Action > Publish Policy(s).

  4. Follow the on-screen prompts. Click the Help button if you need additional information.

5.18.2 Publish as New Policy

Lets you create a new policy.


Provide a name for the policy. The policy name must be different from the names of any other items (policy, group, folder, and so forth) that reside in the same folder. The name you provide displays in ZENworks Control Center and the ZENworks Agent (on managed devices).


Specify the name or browse to the ZENworks Control Center folder where you want the policy to reside. The default is /Policies, but you can create additional folders to organize your policies.

Create as Sandbox

Select the Create as Sandbox check box to enforce the policy as a sandbox version. A sandbox version of a policy enables you to try it in a test environment before actually implementing it on your device.

Select Groups

Lists all the available policy groups. Select the policy groups that the new policy should be a member of.