5.19 Reviewing the Status of the Policies at the Managed Device

The ZENworks Agent applies policies that your administrator defines. Policies are rules that control a range of hardware and software configuration settings. For example, your administrator can create policies that control the Agent features you can use, the bookmarks available in your browser, the printers you can access, and the security and system configuration settings for your.

You cannot change the policies applied by your administrator. Policies might be assigned to you or they might be assigned to your device. Policies assigned to you are referred to as user-assigned policies, and policies assigned to your device are referred to as device-assigned policies

The ZENworks Agent enforces your user-assigned policies only when you are logged in to your user directory (Microsoft Active Directory or Novell eDirectory). If you are not logged in, you can log in through the ZENworks Configuration Management login screen. To do so, right-click the ZENworks icon ZENworks icon in the notification area, then click Login.

The Agent always enforces the device-assigned policies regardless of whether or not you are logged in. Therefore, device-assigned policies are enforced for all users of the device.

To view the policies assigned to you and your device:

  1. Double-click the ZENworks icon ZENworks icon in the notification area.

  2. In the left navigation pane, click Policies.