2.1 External Services Policy

The External Services policy lets you configure the external services on a Linux managed device for YUM, ZYPP or MOUNT repositories. It enables you to download and install the software packages or updates from these repositories on the managed devices.

  1. In ZENworks Control Center, click the Policies tab.

  2. In the Policies list, click New, then click Policy.


    In the Policy Tasks, click New Policy.

    The Select Platform page is displayed.

  3. Select Linux, then click Next.

    The Select Policy Category page is displayed.

  4. Select Linux Configuration Policies, then click Next.

  5. Select External Services Policy as the Policy Type, then click Next.

  6. In the Define Details page fill in the following fields:

    Policy Name: Provide a name for the policy. The policy name must be different from the name of any other item (group, folder, and so forth) that resides in the same folder. The name you provide displays in ZENworks Control Center.

    Folder: Type the name or browse to and select the ZENworks Control Center folder where you want the policy to reside. The default is /Policies, but you can create additional folders to organize your policies.

    Administrator Notes: Provide a short description of the policy’s content. This description displays in ZENworks Control Center.

  7. Click Next to display the External Services Policy page.

  8. In the External Services Policy page, click Add to display the External Services Policy dialog box.

  9. The following table lists the tasks you can perform in the External Services policy dialog box.



    Additional Details

    Add an External Service

    1. Click Add to display the External Services Policy dialog box.

    2. Specify the name of the service, the URL for the service, and the type of repository to which you want to add the service. Click Help for information on how to fill the required fields.

    3. Select the checkbox Recursive to add services on the managed device for the Romps present under all the subdirectories of the specified URL. The recursive property is applicable only to the MOUNT service type.

    4. For External Services that require authentication, click Browse Icon to browse to and select an existing credential from the Credential Vault.

    5. Select the check box Synchronize with External Package Management Tools, to synchronizes the External Services with the package management tools.

    6. Click OK.

    The available repository types are AUTO, ZYPP, YUM, and MOUNT.

    AUTO is a default repository type, if selected, the system automatically detects either ZYPP or YUM as the type of repository.

    The credential option is not applicable to the MOUNT service type.

    Edit an External Service

    1. Select the External Service you want to edit, then click Edit.

    2. Follow the online prompts to make changes.

    3. Click OK.

    The service name and recursive property once specified cannot be edited. To edit these options for the existing service, remove the service and add a new External Service.

    Remove an External Service

    1. Select one or more External Services that you want to remove, then click Remove.


  10. Review the information on the Summary page and, if necessary, use the Back button to make changes to the information on the Summary page.

  11. (Conditional) Select Create as Sandbox, if you want to create the sandbox version of the policy.

  12. Select the check box for Define Additional Properties.

  13. Click Finish to create the new External Services policy.

  14. Click Relationships and assign the newly created External Services policy to a test device and a non-test device.

    NOTE:If you disable the Bundle Management module, services that are a part of the External Services policy do not flow down to the agent.