5.24 Older Policy Versions Retain Setting

Using the Policy Version Retain setting, you can configure the number of older policy versions that should be retained. This setting can be configured at the zone, folder and policy levels. The order of precedence is policy, folder and then zone.

To configure the policy version retain settings, perform the following steps:

In ZCC, go to Configuration > Management Zone Settings > Bundle, Policy and Content > Older Policy Version Retain Setting.

Following are the available options to retain the version:

  • Retain all versions: Select this option to retain all versions of the policy. This includes the published and sandbox versions.

  • Retain the specified number of older versions: Select this option to specify the number of older versions of the policy to be retained.

    The number that you specify should be a positive integer and it should not include the Published and Sandbox versions as they are retained by default. For example: If a policy has 5 versions and if you specify 2, then only the 2 versions prior to the currently published version will be retained along with Published and Sandbox versions. The remaining versions will be deleted.

  • Do not retain any older versions: Select this option if you do not want to retain any older versions of policies in ZENworks. This option retains only the Published and Sandbox versions.