E.0 ZENworks Imaging Engine Commands

After booting a device from an imaging boot media, you can use the img command at the imaging maintenance mode prompt or use the Novell ZENworks Imaging Engine menu to do any of the following:

  • Take an image of the device’s hard disks

  • Restore an image on the device’s hard disks

  • View or manipulate the device’s hard disk partitions

  • View the device’s hardware configuration or image-safe data

  • Display a menu from which you can also perform all of these tasks

Because the ZENworks Imaging Engine is a Linux application, the command syntax is case sensitive. The overall syntax is:

img mode

where mode is any of the mode commands described in the following sections:

Each mode command can be abbreviated to the first letter of its name. For example, img ‑dump can be abbreviated as img ‑d.

To access the ZENworks Imaging Engine menu and perform all of these tasks, enter img by itself. The ZENworks Imaging Engine menu is a character-based display where you can access the menu items by using the mouse or by using the Alt key with the highlighted menu option letters.

Exiting the ZENworks Imaging Engine menu returns you to the imaging maintenance mode prompt.