11.2 Primary Server Replication

Lets you manage content replication to Primary Servers. You can specify whether or not new Primary Servers added to the system are assigned to host the bundle. You can also specify that the bundle is included or excluded from being hosted on a specified Primary Server. For more information on this page, click Help.

It is recommended that you replicate a bundle to at least one server (for redundancy), and it should also be replicated to the servers in the location where it is required. For example, if a bundle will be used in Location A and at Location B, it should be replicated to servers in those locations since those locations can then use their own server as the content server, and the content will be retrieved from the nearest server. However, you need to also ensure that you do not overload servers with unneeded content by replicating a given bundle to more servers than actually required.

For more information on content replication, see Content Replicationin the ZENworks Primary Server and Satellite Reference.