7.0 Understanding Bundle Change Management

ZENworks provides a change management capability for bundles allowing you to make changes to them with minimum disruption to IT services.

A sandbox contains changes made to a bundle and is available only to devices or users that have been flagged as test. This allows you to test the changes made to the bundle in a testing environment before rolling out the changes into the production environment. If the test results are satisfactory then you can publish the sandbox, else discard the changes by reverting the sandbox.

The published version is available to all the assigned devices and users that have been flagged as a non-test. This ensures that all the devices in the network always receive the same version of a bundle.

You can now create a bundle as a sandbox-only bundle or published version of the bundle. If you select the Create as Sandbox option on the Summary page of the bundle creation wizard, the bundle is created as a sandbox-only bundle, else a published version of the bundle is created. For more information on creating a bundle, see Section 2.0, Creating Bundles.

If you create a bundle as a sandbox, the bundle content replication schedule is modified for that bundle, so that the content is excluded from all Primary and Satellite servers and is replicated only on the Primary server that was used to upload the content. For details, see Publishing Sandbox and Bundle Behavior Based on Content Pre-cach Settings

Also, any change made to the published version of the bundle creates a sandbox. For more information on managing the bundles versions, see Section 8.4.2, Managing Bundle Versions.

You can choose to publish a sandbox either as a new version or a new bundle. For more information on publishing a sandbox, see Section 8.4.4, Publishing Sandbox