14.5 Launching a Bundle

By default, the ZENworks Agent does not distribute (download and install) a bundle to your device until the first time you launch it. The distribution process might include installing the bundle’s files, running scripts, and changing the device’s registry, specific INI files, or environment variables. Or, the process might include nothing more than providing a shortcut to the application's executable file on your local device or a network server.

To launch a bundle:

  1. Access the bundle in one of the following locations:

    ZENworks Window: From the Start menu, click Programs > Novell ZENworks > ZENworks Window.

    ZENworks Explorer: Open Windows Explorer and find the Bundle Not Installed icon ZENworks Agent entry. Depending on how your ZENworks administrator configured the bundle, the bundle icon might also be displayed on the desktop, Start menu, Quick Launch toolbar, or notification area.

    ZENworks Icon: In the notification area, double-click the ZENworks Icon icon, then click Bundles.

  2. Double-click the bundle icon.