14.4 Understanding Bundle Icons

A bundle icon changes to reflect the current status of the bundle. The following table shows the bundle icons with the default light blue background icon. Your administrator might choose to use a different background icon; however, the status icons such as Uninstall icon and Running icon, remain the same.



Bundle Available icon

Available. You can launch the bundle.

Not Installed.

The bundle failed to install. Right-click the icon, then click Repair to repair the bundle.

Bundle Unavailable icon

Unavailable. You cannot launch the bundle. Either the device does not meet the system requirements established for the bundle.

Bundle Installing icon

Installing. The bundle is installing to the device.

Downloading. The bundle is downloading from the network location where it is stored.

Uninstalling. The bundle is being removed from the device.

Running. The bundle is currently running.

Bundle Not Installed icon

Blocked. The bundle is blocked on the device. You cannot perform any of the actions on the bundle other than viewing its properties.