13.4 Obtaining Data from Vertica

The Vertica database enables you to process data for the dashlets at much faster speeds compared to a traditional RDBMS. You can configure Vertica, if you want to reduce any delays that you might face while querying large volumes of data in the dashlets. For more information on configuring Vertica, see the Vertica Reference documentation.

After configuring Vertica in the zone, data for the bundle dashlets will continue to be processed from the RDBMS. However, if you want the Device Assignment Status dashlet and Deployment Status dashlets (Distribution, Launch, and Install) to read data from the Vertica database, run the following queries based on the dashlet type:

  • For Deployment Status dashlets:

    INSERT INTO ZOPAQUEDATA VALUES ((SELECT zuid FROM zzone),'use.vertica.for.bundle.deployment.status','true')

  • For Device Assignment Status dashlet:

    INSERT INTO ZOPAQUEDATA VALUES ((SELECT zuid FROM zzone),'use.vertica.for.bundle.device.assignment.status','true')