8.2 Deployment Packages

Deployment packages contain the files and information needed to install the ZENworks Agent on devices and register the devices in the Management Zone. There are fourteen default system packages that are included on each ZENworks Server. These packages provide for local or network installation of the ZENworks Agent (full agent or partial agent) on various operating system architectures (32-bit and 64-bit).

If necessary, you can modify a deployment package to change the ZENworks Server address or registration key included in the package. For example, assume that you want to use the same package to deploy the agent to devices on your private network and to devices on the other side of a firewall or router that is using NAT (Network Address Translation). You could modify a package in order to list the ZENworks Server private network address (IP address, DNS name, or both) and also list its NAT address.

For more information about the deployment packages and how to use them, see Section 9.0, Managing Deployment Packages.