11.1 Installing the Utility through the Endpoint Security Agent

You, or your users, can use the Endpoint Security Agent to install the File Decryption utility on encrypted removable storage devices. This ensures that the utility is always available to decrypt any password-protected files on the device.

  1. At the Windows device, plug in the removable storage devices on which you want to install the utility.

    The utility will be installed on any USB removable storage device that is plugged in to the Windows device. Make sure to unplug any USB removable storage devices on which you do not want to install the utility.

  2. On the Windows device, right-click the ZENworks icon in the notification area, and select Technician Application.

  3. Click Endpoint Security in the ZENworks Agent navigation panel.

  4. Under Endpoint Security Agent Actions, click Encryption to display the Encryption dialog box.

  5. Click Copy Decrypt Tool.

    The utility is copied to the Novell Decrypt Tool folder on the removable storage device.