13.2 Encrypting Multiple Files

You encrypt multiple files by selecting a folder rather than an individual file.

To encrypt multiple files:

  1. Launch the File Decryption utility (ZESDecrypt.exe).

  2. Select the Choose a Folder option.

  3. In the Source field, click Browse, select the desired folder, then click Open.

  4. If the folder includes subfolders with files you want to encrypt, select Include Subfolders.

  5. In the Destination field, click Browse, select a folder in which to place the encrypted files, then click OK.

    If you included subfolders when selecting the source, the encryption process preserves the subfolder structure under the destination folder.

  6. If desired, click the Options menu to change what happens to the original files after they are encrypted and how file conflicts are resolved.

    Delect options: By default, the original, unecrypted file is retained after the encrypted copy s created. Select Delete Original File after Copy if you want the utility to delete the original file from the source folder after copying the encrypted file to the destination folder.

    File conflict options: By default, you are prompted if a file has the same name as a file in the destination folder. Select Skip if Replacing if you want the utility to automatically skip the file without prompting you. Select Always Replace if you want the utility to automatically overwrite the existing file without prompting you.

  7. Click Set Password, specify the encryption password, provide a password hint (optional), then click OK.

  8. Click Encrypt.

  9. Click Show Results to monitor the encryption progress.