11.2 Installation Workflow for Additional Primary Servers

To install a ZENworks Primary Server and add it to your existing ZENworks Management Zone, complete the tasks in the order listed below.



Review what the ZENworks installation program does when adding a Primary Server to an existing Management Zone.

When installing an additional Primary Server in a Management Zone, the installation program performs operations to install the Primary Server software, add the Primary Server to the existing Management Zone, install ZENworks Control Center, start the ZENworks services.

For more information, see Section 12.0, Understanding What the ZENworks Installation Does.

Burn the ZENworks ISO image to a DVD to create an installation DVD.

You cannot extract the ISO image and use it to install. The installation must be run from an installation DVD.

Update the software on the Linux server where you will install the ZENworks Primary Server.

Ensure that the Linux server software is up to date and that any software, such as anti-virus software, that might interfere with the Primary Server installation is updated and configured correctly.

For more information, see Section 13.0, Updating Linux Server Software.

(Optional) Create an external certificate for your Primary Server.

If your ZENworks Management Zone is using the internal ZENworks Certificate Authority (CA), the new Primary Server is automatically issued a server certificate during installation.

If your zone is using an external CA, you must provide the new Primary Server with a valid certificate issued from the external CA.

For instructions about creating a certificate from an external CA, see Section 14.0, Creating the SSL Certificate.

Install the ZENworks Primary Server software on a supported Linux server.

Installation of an additional Primary Server is less complex than installation of the first Primary Server. The installation program only requires you to provide a target location for the software files, authentication information for the Management Zone (Primary Server address and Administrator login credentials), and files for the external certificate (if the zone is using an external CA).

For instructions about running the installation program, see Installing the Primary Server Software.

Verify that the Primary Server is running.

There are specific checks you can perform to ensure that installation of the software was successful and that the Primary Server is running.

For instructions, see Verifying the Installation.

Back up the ZENworks Primary Server.

You should back up the Primary Server at least one time.

For instructions, see Backing Up ZENworks Components.

Review the post-installation tasks and complete any that apply to your Primary Server installation.

There are several post-installation tasks that you might need to perform for your Primary Server. Review the list of tasks and complete any that apply.

For instructions, see Section 17.0, Completing Post-Installation Tasks.