9.4 Verifying the Installation

Perform the following steps to verify a successful installation.

  1. After the server has rebooted, do any of the following to verify that the Primary Server is running:

    • Run ZENworks Control Center  

      If ZENworks Control Center does not automatically start, use the following URL to open it in a Web browser:


      If the Primary Server is not using the default HTTPS port, you must add the port to the URL: https://DNS_name_or_IP_address_of_Primary_Server:port_number/zenworks

      This can be done either on the Primary Server or on a qualified workstation.

    • Check the Windows services in the Windows Services list  

      On the server, click Start, select Administrative Tools > Services, then review the status of the Novell ZENworks Loader and Novell ZENworks Server services.

      If they are not running, start the ZENworks services. Right-click the Novell ZENworks Server service, then select Start. Right-click the Novell ZENworks Loader service, then select Start.

      The Restart option stops all related services that are already running and starts each of them in their correct order, including Novell ZENworks Loader.

    • Check the Windows services by using a command line  

      Run the following command at the server command prompt:

      ZENworks_installation_path\bin\novell-zenworks-configure ‑c SystemStatus

      This lists all ZENworks services and their statuses.

      To start the services, run the following command:

      ZENworks_installation_path\bin\novell-zenworks-configure ‑c Start