2.4 Adding Hardware Products from ZENworks Control Center

In ZENworks Control Center, you can manually add a hardware product for a device if the hardware product has not been reported in the Inventory Report after the Inventory scan. You can add a hardware product in ZENworks Control Center, to map it with specific devices for tracking and easy usage. For example, mapping a specific printer to a specific device.

To manually add a hardware to a device:

  1. Log in to ZENworks Control Center. Click Devices and then Workstations.

  2. Select any of the workstations, then click the Inventory tab.

  3. Click Detailed Hardware/Software Inventory.

  4. Scroll down and click Add Hardware.

  5. On the Add Hardware page, select the required hardware product from the hardware products listed in the drop-down.

  6. Fill in the required details for the selected hardware product, then click Submit.

The hardware products added to the device are displayed in the Hardware section of the Inventory report except Logical Drive and Network Driver. These are listed separately under the respective sections in the Inventory report.

Only the hardware products that are added manually to the device from ZENworks Control Center should have the delete and edit option on the Add Hardware page. To delete from the database the hardware product that is added to the device from the server, click Delete. To edit the hardware product that is added to the device from ZENworks Control Center, click Edit.