2.6 Editing a Managed Device’s Inventory Data

To edit the Detailed Hardware/Software Inventory report, you should enable the Modify setting on the View Detailed Inventory rights page from the Management Zone > Device rights.

  1. Open the Detailed Hardware/Software Inventory report as shown in Section 2.5, Viewing an Inventory Report for a Managed Device.

  2. Click Edit.

  3. Add or edit information on the Edit Workstation page.

    User: Basic information about the user, including name, phone, and so on.

    Reference: Inventory type, serial number, and asset tag. These values cannot be changed.

    Workstation: Basic information about the workstation, including site, department, and so on. Click the icon on the right to create a list of responses. Click the calendar icon next to the Lease Expiration Date field to choose a date.

  4. Click Submit.

    The data is added to the inventory report.