9.1 Searching for a Component and Viewing Component Data

Before you can view component data, you need to perform a component search. Component searches are done through the Component Search panel (Configuration > Asset Inventory).

The Component Search panel allows you to select filters and filter sets to search for a particular component, then lists the components along with the following information:

  • Machine Name: The name of the machine that has the particular product.

  • Manufacturer: The manufacturer of the product.

  • Product: The name of the product.

  • Version: The version of the product.

  • Category: The product category.

  • Subcategory: The product subcategory.

To search for a component and view component data:

  1. In ZENworks Control Center, click Configuration, then click the Asset Inventory tab.

  2. In the Component Search panel, click Add Filter or Add Filter Set, depending on the filtering model you want to use.

  3. Select options for your filter.

    For example, you could search by machine name or department.

  4. (Optional) Create additional filters or filter sets.

  5. Click Search.

    Components matching your search criteria are listed, along with additional information about the component.