4.6 Scanning Demographic Data on an Inventory Only Device

Inventory Only Devices don’t use the Collection Data Form to gather demographic data. Demographic data for an Inventory Only device must be entered manually into a file named demodata.txt and saved on the device. This data is then gathered during an inventory scan.

You can scan for the demographic data only on Windows, Macintosh, and Linux.

To enable demographic data to be gathered from an Inventory Only device:

  1. Create a file called demodata.txt.

    The file should reside in the following location:

    • For Windows, C:\Program Files\Novell\ZENworks\bin

    • For Macintosh, /usr/local/novell/zenworks/umia

    • For Linux, /opt/novell/zenworks/umia

  2. Enter demographic data into the file using the format shown below.

    The example below shows all the fields that can be included as well as various field formats; however, only those fields that are actually entered need to be in the file. Examples of field formats that are shown is as follows:

    • nc_user.ADF10 shows how to enter a date

    • nc_user.ADF11 shows how to enter a time

    • nc_workstation.ADF10 shows how to enter currency

    • nc_workstation.ASF11 shows how to enter a number (decimal or integer)

    NOTE:Only those Administrator-Defined Fields that have been configured through ZENworks Control Center have data from this file stored.

  3. Save the file.

  4. Configure and run un an Inventory Only scan as shown in Section 3.1, Configuring an Inventory Only Scan and Section 3.2, Scheduling an Inventory Only Scan.