5.3 Viewing or Editing LDAP Import Tasks

To view or edit the LDAP import task settings:

  1. In ZENworks Control Center, click Configuration > Asset Inventory.

  2. In the LDAP Import Tasks panel, click a task to view or edit its settings.

    The Summary tab lists the settings configured for the task:

    • GUID: Displays the task’s globally unique identifier (GUID), which is a randomly generated string that provides a unique identifier for the task. You cannot edit the GUID. It remains the same as long as the task exists.

    • Description: Displays the task’s description, if one was provided when the task was created. The description appears only in ZENworks Control Center.

    • Primary Server: Displays the name of the ZENworks Server that is assigned to perform the discovery task.

    • Schedule: Displays when the task is scheduled to run.

    • Configured LDAP Server: Displays the IP address of the server that hosts the LDAP-based directory server.

    • Mappings: Displays all the mapped and key assignments established between the LDAP directory and ZENworks Inventory fields.

  3. (Conditional) If the information for a device is incorrect or insufficient, click Edit and manually change the details for the fields.

    If you configure another LDAP server, some of the mapped and key assignments might become incorrect. In this case, you must verify the assignments and map the fields again.

    For more information on how to map the fields, see Map Fields page > Map option.

    For more information on how to define a key assignment, see Map Fields page > Key option.