4.2 Creating Administrator Accounts for Members of User Source Administrator Groups

This section applies only to user source (LDAP) administrator groups.

By default, ZENworks queries its user sources every 24 hours to refresh the membership of the administrator groups that are based on user source groups. If a group’s membership has changed in the user source, the appropriate ZENworks administrator accounts are added during the refresh.

Rather than wait for administrator accounts to be created during the scheduled refresh, you can initiate the refresh to automatically create administrator accounts for members of the group that do not already have administrator accounts. To do so:

  1. In ZENworks Control Center, click the Administrators tab.

  2. In the Administrators panel, select the check box next to the administrator group.

  3. Click Action > Create Administrators.

  4. Review the message, then click OK

NOTE:If a user is removed from an Administrator Group in the User Source, after a refresh, the user will still remain as an administrator in ZENworks Control Center (ZCC). The administrator will have to be manually deleted from ZCC. For more information on how to delete an administrator, see Section 3.2, Deleting Administrators.