3.0 Configuring PostgreSQL

Each Primary Server on PostgreSQL can consume up to 300 database connections. If you want to add more than one Primary Server, you should change the property values in the postgresql.conf file.

For the embedded database, the postgresql.conf file is available at the following location:

  • On Windows: ZENworks\database\pgsql\data\postgresql.conf

  • On Linux: /vastorage/var/opt/novell/pgsql/data

  • On Linux:

Use the following formula to calculate the property values.

max_connections = Number of primary severs * 300

max_prepared_transactions = Number of primary severs * 300

After changing the property values in postgresql.conf, restart the ZENworks and PostgreSQL service.

To restart the PostgreSQL service:

  • On Windows: To start the service, perform the following:

    1. Press Windows + R keys.

    2. Type services.msc.

    3. Search for the Novell ZENworks Embedded Datastore - PostgreSQL service.

    4. Right-click the option and then select Restart.

  • On Linux: To start the service, run the systemctl restart zenpostgresql.service command.