17.1 Preparing to Move the Data

Before migrating the data from the Oracle database to the MS SQL database, do the following:

  • Ensure that the license state of ZENworks is Active. The product must be installed and running either in the licensed version or the evaluation version.

  • Ensure that the Primary Server to which the Oracle database is configured has been upgraded to the latest version of ZENworks.

  • Ensure that the MS SQL database is installed on a device that does not have ZENworks installed.

  • (Conditional) If you want to create a new database on MS SQL Server, and migrate the Oracle data into the new database, you must be aware of the database administrator credentials.

  • (Conditional) If you want to migrate the data to an existing database that resides on the MS SQL server in your network, the newly created user must be assigned the db_owner database role and you must procure the database credentials of the newly created user from the database administrator.

  • Manually stop the ZENworks services running on all other ZENworks Servers in the Management Zone. Run novell-zenworks-configure -c Start and choose the ZENworks services to stop.

  • Ensure that the Oracle database that is hosting the ZENworks and Audit databases are running.

  • (Optional) The status of database migration is logged into the novell-zenworks-configure.log file. By default, only the messages of the type Info and Severe are logged. If you want other message types (such as Finer, Finest, and Warning) to also be logged into the file, do the following in the novell-zenworks-configure.properties file:

    1. Set the value of Logger.logLevel to the appropriate message type.

      For example, if you want messages of the type Finest to be logged:

       #Logger.logLevel   = FINEST
    2. Uncomment the line by removing the “#” as follows:

      Logger.logLevel   = FINEST

    The novell-zenworks-configure.properties file is located in %ZENWORKS_HOME%\conf\ on Windows and in /etc/opt/novell/zenworks/ on Linux.