5.0 Naming Conventions in ZENworks Control Center

When you name an object in the ZENworks Control Center (folders, bundles, policies, groups, registration keys, and so forth), ensure that the name adheres to the following conventions:

  • The name must be unique in the folder.

  • Depending on the database being used for the ZENworks database, uppercase and lowercase letters might not create uniqueness for the same name. The embedded database included with ZENworks is case insensitive, so Folder 1 and FOLDER 1 are the same name and cannot be used in the same folder. If you use an external database that is case-sensitive, Folder 1 and FOLDER 1 are unique.

  • If you use spaces, you must enclose the name in quotes when entering it on the command line. For example, you must enclose reg key 1 in quotes (“reg key 1”) when entering it in the zman utility.

  • The following characters are invalid and cannot be used: / \ * ? : " ' < > | ` % ~

  • Ensure that the name of a bundle, policy, bundle folder, bundle group, policy folder, or policy group does not contain the following:

    • @Sandbox

    • @Version