1.0 Correct Order for Uninstalling ZENworks

If you want to completely remove ZENworks from your environment, follow the order recommended below:

  1. Uninstall the ZENworks Agent from all managed devices.

  2. Demote all Satellite Servers to managed devices and uninstall the ZENworks Agent from the devices.

  3. Uninstall ZENworks Primary Server and Agent software from all Primary Servers other than the first Primary Server.

    The first ZENworks Primary Server installed in your system should only be removed after all other Primary Servers. If you are using an embedded ZENworks database, it is on the first Primary Server and is removed when the server is uninstalled. If you are using an external database, the first Primary Server holds the server certificate for the Management Zone; removing it breaks all other Primary Server’s connection to the ZENworks database.

    If you do not uninstall all Primary Servers before your first Primary Server, those Primary Servers become orphaned when you delete the first Primary Server and cannot be uninstalled. At that point, you would need to reimage the server to remove the Primary Server software.

  4. Uninstall the first Primary Server.