2.3 Migrating ZENworks 2017 Data to ZENworks 2020 Appliance

After you have deployed and configured the ZENworks 2020 Appliance, you are ready to migrate ZENworks 20172020 data to the appliance.

NOTE:After upgrading the zone, ZooKeeper is enabled on the Primary Server that is first updated. For more information see, Post migration.

  1. In a supported browser, launch the URL that is displayed in the Appliance console.

    For example, https://<FQDN>:9443

  2. Log in to ZENworks Appliance with the root or zenadmin credentials as configured in Step 4.

  3. Verify that all of the migration requirements are met, select the I have verified that all necessary steps have been completed check box, then click Next to display the ZENworks Management Zone credential screen.

    If all the migration requirements are not met, click Cancel, complete the requirements, then log into the ZENworks Appliance console again to complete the migration.

    IMPORTANT:If the appliance is a second Primary Server and the database is Embedded PostgreSQL, then you must ensure that the PostgreSQL service (zenpostgresql) on the first Primary Server is started.

  4. Specify the ZENworks administrator credentials to access the ZENworks Management Zone.

    NOTE:While migrating the Appliance, the administrator user name might be case sensitive. For more information, see the ZENworks 2020 Readme.

  5. In the ZENworks Licensing page, enter the ZENworks 2020 product license, and then click Finish.

    The ZENworks migration begins and it might take several minutes. The migration process will continue in the background even if you close the browser or if the session times out.

  6. When the ZENworks migration is finished, click Close to display the ZENworks Appliance configuration summary screen.

  7. Click Open ZENworks Control Center to see your migrated data and to continue managing your ZENworks system.