3.0 Prerequisites

A few general prerequisites that need to be met before enabling and using Vertica are as follows:

  • Appliance Server: ZENworks 2020 virtual appliance build is deployed in the zone. Only Appliance servers can be a part of the Vertica and Kafka clusters.

  • Zone Infrastructure Rights: The Modify Zone Infrastructure rights should be configured for your administrator. For more information on enabling these rights, see ZENworks Administrator Accounts and Rights Reference.

  • Two-way SSL Communication: To secure the Kafka cluster, Kafka allows clients to connect over SSL and uses the same Primary Server certificate on which it is installed. However, if the server certificate is issued by an external CA, then for Kafka to work seamlessly ensure that both Client Authentication and Server Authentication is configured in the Extended Key Usage (EKU) attribute.

  • TCP and UDP Ports: Ensure that the default ports required to communicate with the Kafka, ZooKeeper and Vertica services are open at all times. For more information on these default ports, see ZENworks 2020 TCP and UDP Ports.