5.4 Connecting to Vertica

The dbadmin or the zenvertica user can connect to Vertica using the vsql tool. For more information on the vsql tool and to connect to the Vertica database, see the Vertica documentation.

To connect to Vertica, the user needs to specify the database credentials that can be obtained in either of the following ways:

  • Execute the following zman command:

    zman server-role-vertica-get-credentials (zman srvgc)
  • Obtain the credentials from the zenworks-coreadmin web service by referring to the following steps:

    1. On your browser, type the server address of the Primary Server that is part of the Vertica cluster, along with zenworks-coreadmin. For example:

    2. Select Test Service.

    3. Select Vertica Configuration and click Invoke.