4.5 Managing Vertica Memory Requirements

As per the system requirements, the Appliance server on which Vertica is installed, should have a minimum RAM size of 16 GB. Based on the RAM size, you need to allocate appropriate memory for Vertica, Kafka, the RDBMS (if embedded PostgreSQL is installed) and ZENworks services to function effectively on the Appliance server. ZENworks provides you with a Configure action that will automatically calibrate appropriate memory for these components.

This Configure action needs to be executed after installing Vertica and Kafka and before proceeding with bulk data migration. Subsequently, if you want to add more servers to the Vertica or the Kafka clusters, then you need to run this Configure action on each of the servers. The scenarios in which this action should be run are:

  • Server on which Kafka and Vertica are installed

  • Server on which only Vertica is installed

  • Server on which embedded PostgreSQL and Vertica are installed

  • Server on which embedded PostgreSQL and Kafka are installed

  • Server on which only Kakfa is installed

  • Server on which embedded PostgreSQL, Kafka and Vertica are installed

NOTE:The Configure action will fail to run, if the server does not meet the minimum memory requirement of 16 GB.

To run this Configure action:

  1. In the command line utility of the Appliance server on which Vertica and Kafka are installed, execute the command:

    novell-zenworks-configure -c CalibrateMemoryConfigureAction
  2. A message is displayed informing the user that the ZENworks services will automatically restart on the server after the Configure action is run. If you want to proceed with the memory calibration, then press enter to specify the default value as 1 or else enter the value 2.

  3. Login as a dbadmin user by running the following command: su dbadmin

  4. Run the following commands to restart the Vertica database in the order listed below:

    $ /opt/vertica/bin/admintools -t stop_db -d zenworks -p <password> -F
    $ /opt/vertica/bin/admintools -t start_db -d zenworks -p <password>

    You can obtain the password by running the zman command zman server-role-vertica-get-credentials (zman srvgc).You need to use the database superuser password to stop and start the Vertica database.

The newly configured values for each component are displayed. If you want to view the configured values at a later point in time, then run the following Configure action:

novell-zenworks-configure -c DisplayMemoryConfigureAction