4.4 Enabling Vertica

NOTE:Before enabling Vertica, ensure that all the services within the server are up and running to avoid any port conflicts.

This section details the procedure to enable Vertica. The Vertica database is already packaged with the ZENworks 2020 virtual appliance build and will be in a disabled state. To enable Vertica in the zone, you need to execute the following command on an Appliance server:

zman server-role-vertica-create-cluster (zman srvcc)

This command creates a Vertica cluster and adds the server to the cluster, based on the specified parameters. The parameters to be specified while executing this command are:

  • --servers: Specify the appliance server on which you want Vertica to be installed. Specify the DNS, GUID or path of the server object (server, server folder or server group) relative to /Devices/Servers.

  • K factor: Specify the number of replicas of the data that should exist in the database. The K safety sets the fault tolerance for the Vertica cluster, where K can be set as 0 or 1. You need to specify a value based on the number of nodes in the cluster, which is measured as 2k+1. To enable Vertica on a single node cluster, the K factor should be specified as 0.

    If you are planning to create a multi-node cluster, then ensure that you update the K factor to 1 or more. For more information on updating the K factor, see Updating the K Factor.

For example: zman server-role-vertica-create-cluster --servers=server2.microfocus.com -k=0

When this command is executed, Vertica is installed on the server and the ZENworks database and its related schema are created.

IMPORTANT:After Vertica is enabled in the zone, ensure that you restart the ZENserver and ZENloader services on all the Primary Servers.

For more information on debugging Vertica configuration issues, see Debugging and Log Location.

You can view the status of the Vertica Cluster configuration by navigating to Configuration > Performance Upgrade. For more information on monitoring the Vertica cluster, see Monitoring the Status of Vertica, Kafka and ZooKeeper.

NOTE:After enabling Vertica, if you want to set a specific language option to be used for error messages and instructions, collating sequences, date formats, and so forth, then see the Vertica documentation. For more information on locales refer to the following links:

After changing the Language option, ensure that you are restart the Vertica database. For more information see, Stopping and Starting Vertica Services.