9.3 Vertica

After partially disabling Vertica in the zone, upgrade to the next ZENworks release version fails

Explanation: Consider a scenario, where Vertica is configured on a Primary Server, and then needs to be disabled and removed from the zone. While disabling Vertica, a few errors occurred, due to which Vertica was only partially disabled. Subsequently, upgrade to the next ZENworks release version fails.
Action: Before proceeding with the Upgrade process, ensure that you have fully configured or fully disabled Vertica. While disabling Vertica in your zone, ensure that all the steps documented in Disabling and Removing Vertica from the Zone are followed and no errors occur while executing the commands.

However, if you are still unable to disable Vertica completely from the zone, then run the following query:

delete from preglobalupgradelog where schematype='vertica'

A node in the Vertica cluster shuts down

Explanation: To provide fault tolerance, Vertica can be run as a cluster of nodes. However, at times the nodes in the cluster can abruptly shut down due to issues related to network connectivity and so on.
Action: Follow the steps documented in the Vertica documentation, to bring up the database when one of the nodes shuts down.

When nodes responsible for bringing a Vertica cluster down are restarted, then the remaining nodes are no longer a part of the cluster

Explanation: The K-factor specified while configuring Vertica, sets the fault tolerance for the Vertica cluster, where K can be set as 0 or 1. The Vertica cluster will be down, if more than ‘K’ number of nodes are down. For example, if the K factor is 1 in a 3 node cluster and 2 nodes are down, then the Vertica cluster will be down. When you restart services on these 2 nodes, the third node (that was up and running) will no longer be a part of the cluster.
Action: The command to restart the Vertica servers should be run for all the servers in the Vertica cluster. For more information on how to restart the servers in the Vertica cluster, see the Vertica documentation.