13.0 Satellite Roles

A Windows device or a Linux device with satellite roles can perform certain roles that a ZENworks Primary Server normally performs. Any managed Windows or Linux device (server or workstation) can perform satellite roles. When the administrator configures the device, the administrator specifies the roles it performs. Satellite roles help to minimize WAN traffic in the ZENworks system.

Satellite roles include the following:

  • Authentication: With the Authentication role, your device can be used as an Authentication server to help speed the authentication process by spreading the workload among various devices and by performing authentication locally to managed devices.

  • Collection: To improve information roll-up access for a group of devices and to minimize traffic to the ZENworks Primary Server that is hosting the ZENworks database, the ZENworks administrator can enable the Collection role on a device and designate whether your device as a Collection Point.

  • Content: ZENworks Configuration Management supports distributing bundles and policies from ZENworks Servers or from other devices that are designated as Distribution Points. Your administrator controls whether or not your device is a Distribution Point.

  • Imaging: The Imaging role installs the Imaging services and adds the Imaging role to the device. With this role, the device can be used as an Imaging server to perform all Imaging operations, such as taking an image and applying the image within or across subnets by using unicast or multicast imaging. Your administrator controls whether or not your device has the imaging role.

  • Join Proxy: You can use devices promoted to the Join Proxy role for performing remote management operations on Windows managed devices that are in a private network. You can promote only a ZENworks version 11.3 or later Windows or Linux managed device to the Join Proxy role.

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