13.3 Zocker

Zocker is used for patching the Primary Servers in the zone.

Applying the Zocker Patch

The patch can be applied on both Windows and Linux. To apply the patch run the following command:

zocker patch apply -file <location_ patch.tar>

Example: zocker patch apply -file D:\patchfile20.2.0.567.tar

Reverting the Patch

Using the revert command, you can revert to the last good-known version or a specific version. To revert the patch, run the following command:

  • To revert to a last known good version: zocker patch revert -image zenserver

  • To revert to a specific version: zocker patch revert -image zenserver:<version>

    Example: zocker patch revert -image zenserver:

    The server will be reverted to the version.