8.3 Inventory Report Rights

Inventory Report Rights allows you to manage the administrator rights for each folder and its reports. Each report folder has rights associated with it, governing all the reports within that folder. For example, if you have full rights, you can edit a report; but with view/execute rights, you can only see the report and run it. With inventory report rights, you can limit who has access to certain reports and who has permission to edit them. The report folder type, custom or standard, and the report name are listed along with the rights associated with the folder. The choices are:

  • Remove all rights: This removes all rights to the folder, so the specified administrator cannot see it.

  • Assign view/execute rights: This allows the specified administrator to view and execute a report in the specified folder, but not to edit, move, or delete a report in that folder.

  • Assign full rights: This gives the specified administrator full rights to create, edit, move, and delete reports. For standard reports, this setting is the same as View/Execute, because you cannot alter a standard report.

To change inventory report rights:

  1. In ZENworks Control Center, click Configuration.

  2. In the Administrators panel, click an administrator.

  3. Click on the Rights tab.

  4. In the Administrator Tasks panel on the left, click Inventory Report Rights.

  5. Select the desired folders.

  6. Click one of the following:

    • Edit > Remove All Rights

    • Edit > Assign View/Execute Rights

    • Edit > Assign Full Rights

    The change is reflected in the Rights column.