16.0 Adding and Configuring Satellite Devices

You can create a new Satellite device or configure an existing Satellite with the Authentication, Content, Imaging, and Collection roles, change its default port, and adjust the schedules for the roles. You can also remove roles from an existing Satellite.

Before promoting a managed device as a Satellite, ensure to review the following guidelines:

  • The ZENworks version installed on the managed device must be the same as that of the Primary Server.

    NOTE:Ensure that you update the Satellite Server to the latest version of ZENworks before you promote to any role.

  • You cannot promote the following devices as a Satellite:

    • A managed device that has a previous version of ZENworks Agent (version 10.x or 11.x) installed.

    • A ZENworks 11.x test device.

  • You cannot change the Satellite roles and settings for the existing Satellites until you upgrade the Satellites to ZENworks. For more information on how to upgrade Satellites to ZENworks, see .

  • For a MAC device that has been promoted as a Satellite, only the Collection and Content roles are available.

The following sections contain more information: