19.0 Removing the Roles from a Satellite

You can choose to remove one or more roles from a Satellite. However, the Satellite must have at least one role configured for it to continue to perform the Satellite function. If you remove all the roles, the Satellite is demoted to be only managed device.

Removing a Satellite role does not remove the device from any of the non-default Closest Server rules. The device is removed from the non-default Closest Server rules only when it is no longer a Satellite.

To remove one or more roles from a Satellite:

  1. In ZENworks Control Center, click the Configuration tab.

  2. In the Server Hierarchy panel, select the check box next to the Satellite from which you want to remove the role.

  3. Click Actions > Configure Satellite Server.

  4. In the Configure Satellite Server dialog box, deselect the check box next to the Satellite role you want to remove.

  5. Click OK.

If your Management Zone consists of ZENworks Primary Servers and ZENworks 10.2.x/10.3.x Satellites, you cannot remove individual roles from the Satellites. You can only demote the Satellite to a managed device.

When you demote a Satellite Server in ZENworks Control Center, the icon of the device changes only after a successful demotion is acknowledged by the device to the Server. If during demotion, the managed device or the agent on the manage device is not reachable, the demotion task does not complete successfully and the Satellite icon does not change on the Server.