3.2 Changing the Timeout Value for ZENworks Control Center

The purpose of the timeout is to clear memory resources. The larger the timeout value, the longer ZENworks Control Center retains the memory resources, which might have a negative impact on the long-term performance of the device from which you have launched ZENworks Control Center, including the ZENworks Server if you have it running locally on it.

You can make the ZENworks Control Center timeout value different on each ZENworks Server in the Management Zone.

To change the ZENworks Control Center timeout value on a ZENworks Server:

In ZCC, go to Configuration > Infrastructure Management > ZCC Session Timeout Settings.

In the ZCC Session Timeout Settings page, you can enable the ZCC session timeout. If an administrator is not active for the configured value (in minutes), then the session times out.

If the configured value is more than 5 minutes, the session timeout warning can be configured to display a pop-up before 5 mins, but this is not configured by default. By viewing the displayed prompt, the administrator can either extend the session or ignore the warning.

Configuration behavior: Following are some of the configurational behavior of the ZCC Session Timeout Settings:

  • The configured value takes effect for all subsequent logins and does not apply to current sessions.

  • If the configured session timeout value is set to less than 5 minutes, the session timeout pop-up is disabled, and the administrator is prompted to log in again when the session expires.

  • The session timeout value can be 1 to 9999.

  • If different session out values are configured in a multi-server zone in 2020 Update2, then the least of all becomes the default value after updating the server to ZENworks 2020 Update 3.