11.2 Adding System Variables

  1. In ZENworks Control Center, click the Configuration tab.

  2. In the Management Zone Settings list, click Device Management.

  3. Click System Variables.

  4. Click Add, provide the name and value for the variable, then click OK.

    When configuring system variables for a folder, device, or bundle, you can override an inherited variable by defining a new variable with the same name but a different value. For example, if Var1=c:\ is inherited, you can override it by defining Var1=d:\.

    Variable names cannot include spaces and must be unique at the level where they are defined. For example, you cannot have two variables named Var1 defined at the device level (unless one is inherited, in which case the device-level variable overrides the inherited variable).

    Variable values cannot include the characters & and <.

  5. Click Apply.